Boolean Searching
    Finds a structured group of words or phrases linked by and, or, not, w/.

Special Characters

Matches any single character
    appl? matches apply or apple

Matches any number of characters
    appl*ion matches application

Indicates numeric range
     14~~18 looks for 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18

Matches the first word of a document
    apple pie w/10 xfirstword

Matches the last word of a document
    apple pie w/10 xlastword

Variable term weights

A number after a word assigns a specific positive or negative weight when ranking retrieved documents
    example: apple:5 salad:-2

Search Speed and "Found Recs Stop Limit"

The "Found Recs Stop Limit" stops the text search engine when it has found that number of records. The smaller the number, the faster the search. Records are sorted and further filtered after the initial search. This means that the sorting and filtering may not be complete if this limit is reached. The results are further filtered by the "All Tracked" and "Not Tracked" options, so while you may have 500 hits, only the files matching the criteria will be returned.