Legislative & Regulatory

Research and Analysis
StateScape is more than just a legislative and regulatory tracking firm. StateScape also offers an extensive menu of research & analysis services.

Enhanced Summaries
Enhanced summaries zero in on the aspects of each proposal that address your issues, so you can quickly determine how a bill or regulation affects your interests. Enhanced summaries offer distinct advantages over the summaries provided by federal, state, and local government websites, which are often cryptic, unfocused, and not updated to reflect amendments.

Political Intelligence
Need to know where a bill or regulation is headed, why it was introduced, and who supports it? StateScape’s political intelligence service provides substantive analysis and viability forecasting of key proposals affecting your interests. StateScape gathers political intelligence through a comprehensive multi-source approach (including key industry stakeholders, legislative and agency staff, and media resources) on a proposal-by-proposal, state-by-state and/or issue-by-issue basis. This information is then synthesized and posted online to your custom StateScape.com database, where it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. StateScape can also send political intelligence reports to you via e-mail if it is more convenient.

Meetings Coverage
Meetings coverage supplements basic legislative and regulatory tracking by giving you behind-the-scenes access to meetings and hearings where the issues you care about are discussed. Such discussions often occur before bills and regulations are formally proposed, making meetings coverage an essential early-warning system for government relations professionals seeking a competitive edge.

Issue Analysis and Consulting
StateScape can support any government relations campaign by providing issue analysis and consulting services. StateScape can:

  • Help identify and define issues that impact your organization
  • Report on past issue activity and current trends
  • Summarize existing literature
  • Generate memoranda, briefs, white papers, and presentation materials

Survey Research and Data Collection
StateScape offers survey research and data collection at competitive prices. StateScape can provide assistance:

  • Establishing the goals of a project
  • Determining whom to contact
  • Choosing an interviewing methodology
  • Creating a questionnaire
  • Conducting interviews and entering data
  • Analyzing data and producing reports