Legislative & Regulatory

RegsTrack - Regulatory Tracking
StateScape’s regulatory identification, monitoring, and reporting service provides coverage of state and federal regulatory actions that is targeted, timely, and accurate.

With RegsTrack, you can:

  • Track any rule or regulation proposed by a state, federal, D.C. or Puerto Rico executive branch agency
  • Monitor bulletins, circulars, and other documents put out by executive branch agencies
  • Link directly to regulatory documents
  • Find contact information
  • Sign up for e-mail alerts on the latest regulatory developments
  • Search for regulations with upcoming hearings and comment deadlines
  • Find out what happened at agency meetings
  • Generate custom reports

Premium Service is StateScape’s Standard
RegsTrack is a premium regulatory tracking system that offers significant advantages over other systems on the market, including:

Analyst Filtering — An experienced analyst sorts through newly proposed regulations and identifies the ones that are relevant for you based on your custom criteria. By contrast, other systems use keywords or pre-defined subject categories to determine which regulations to send your way. The competition prefers these approaches because they are quick and easy for them. StateScape has built the RegsTrack system around what’s quick and easy for you!

Early Identification of Proposed Regulations — Most tracking systems obtain regulatory information from just one source, the “administrative register.” StateScape, however, reviews multiple sources, including state agency sites, which often post information about new regulations weeks in advance of register publication.

Searchable Hearings Dates and Comment Deadlines — RegsTrack enables you to search for regulations with upcoming hearings and comment deadlines, so you never miss an opportunity to have your voice heard!

Everything You Need to Know All In One Place — For ease of reference StateScape puts all information associated with a particular regulatory proceeding in one place. This information includes a complete list of past and future actions, links to relevant documents, contact information, administrative code citations, proposal summaries, supplementary analysis, and any notes you decide to attach.

Enhanced Summaries — Enhanced summaries come standard with RegsTrack. Enhanced summaries zero in on the aspects of each regulation that correspond to your interests, making it possible for you determine at a glance how your organization is affected. Other systems provide more cryptic information—often just a title and citation—making such an assessment difficult without actually reading through the regulation text.

Meetings Coverage — RegsTrack meetings coverage supplements basic regulatory tracking by keeping you apprised of executive agency discussions addressing your issues. Such discussions often occur before regulatory proceedings are formally launched, making meetings coverage an essential early-warning system.

Regulatory Forecasting — Regulatory forecasting provides information about emerging regulatory activity gleaned from regular contact with state regulatory staff. We strive to report on emerging regulations before they are formally announced. This ensures that our clients have the opportunity to impact the regulatory process in its early draft stages. Coupled with our e-mail alert system, regulatory forecasting is a powerful tool in managing an organization's key regulatory issues.

Easy-to-Use Online Database - StateScape offers three flexible, easy-to-use interfaces for report generation and day-to-day monitoring. The RegsTrack search page is ideal for regular users who want to save their preferences and generate custom reports. QuickSearch and QuickLinks are simplified interfaces that are perfect for occasional users or those who do not require the added functionality provided by RegsTrack.

Cutting Edge E-Mail Alert System — You don’t have to login to StateScape.com to find the latest regulatory information. We can send it to you! StateScape’s cutting edge e-mail alert system enables you to sign up for e-mail alerts on regulations either by subscribing to particular proposals of interest or by setting up a subject-and-state e-mail alert profile. StateScape e-mail alerts are sent up to twice daily, if there's something to update you on. If your main interest is compliance, StateScape also offers compliance alerts. These alerts are sent daily or weekly when a regulation is signed into law.

Group Notes – RegsTrack comes complete with Group Notes, an information management package that makes it possible for you to: Keep all of the information you’ve collected on a regulation in one convenient place; attach notes to RegsTrack records and share them with your colleagues across the country; label regulations in various ways so they’re easier to find; assign regulations to specific staff members and indicate follow-up dates; and much more…