Legislative & Regulatory

LegisTrack - Legislative Tracking
This powerful and easy-to-use legislative identification, monitoring, and reporting system gives you up-to-the minute information on the bills you care about…and not the ones you don't!

Analyst Filtering Saves You Time
Hundreds of thousands of bills are introduced across the country each year. How do you find the ones that impact your organization?

There are a variety of different ways to tackle this question. One is to go to the websites set up by the jurisdictions where your organization is active and to use their search tools to find the bills you care about. This can be enormously time consuming and, of course, once you’ve found a bill you want to monitor, what then? It’s for this reason that many people turn to tracking systems like StateScape for bill identification and monitoring.

Not all tracking systems are created equal. One of the key differences among them is how they identify and categorize bills. It’s important to pay attention to these differences, because they can have a significant impact on the amount of time you and your colleagues spend sorting through legislation and, ultimately, the overall effectiveness of your government relations campaign. There are three basic approaches:

  • Analyst Filtering — An experienced team of analysts identifies and categorizes your bills based upon your custom criteria.
  • Subject Filtering — You choose from a list of preset subject categories supplied by the tracking system. You get all of the bills assigned to these subject categories but have no control over how they are defined.
  • Keyword Filtering - Bills are identified and categorized strictly on the basis of keywords found in bill text.

The advantages and disadvantages of each filtering method are summarized in the table below.

Method Advantages Disadvantages
Analyst Filtering Saves you time. You get the bills you care about and not the ones you don’t. Unlikely to miss bills. Usually more expensive than other options.
Subject Filtering Usually less expensive than Analyst Filtering. Good if preset categories correspond well with your interests. Missed bills and irrelevant bills likely, unless pre-set subject categories correspond perfectly.
Keyword Filtering Usually less expensive than Analyst Filtering. Good if keywords are very specific (i.e. only likely to occur in the bills you care about). High volume of irrelevant bills possible, since bills may contain your keywords but not address your issues. Missed bills also likely. Relevant bills may not contain expected keywords.

Most of our competitors use the either the Subject Filtering or Keyword Filtering methods. StateScape specializes in Analyst Filtering, which is also the choice of most StateScape clients because of its obvious advantages. However, Subject Filtering and Keyword Filtering are also available and may be suitable for some clients.

Up-to-the-Minute Reporting
Bills can go from introduction to enactment in a matter of days. Keeping on top of such fast-paced developments can be a real challenge. Not with StateScape. While some tracking systems take days or even weeks to deliver the latest information, StateScape makes new bills and status updates available to clients no later than one business day after they’ve been posted online. Meanwhile, Links to bill text are updated in real time.

Easy-to-Use Online Database
StateScape offers two flexible, easy-to-use interfaces for report generation and day-to-day monitoring. The LegisTrack search page is ideal for regular users who want to save their preferences and generate custom reports. QuickSearch offers a simplified interface that is perfect for occasional users or those who do not require the added functionality provided by LegisTrack.

Cutting Edge E-Mail Alert System
You don't have to login to StateScape.com to find the latest bill information. We can send it to you! StateScape's cutting edge e-mail alert system enables you to sign up for e-mail alerts on bills either by subscribing to particular proposals of interest or by setting up a subject-and-state e-mail alert profile. StateScape e-mail alerts are sent up to twice daily, if there's something to update you on. If your main interest is compliance, StateScape also offers compliance alerts. These alerts are sent daily or weekly when a bill is signed into law.

Productivity Tools
LegisTrack offers a number of productivity tools designed to make your job easier.

  • Highlighter — Allows you to highlight important terms in legislation, so that it's easier to zero in on the parts that matter most.
  • Version Compare — Enables you to compare different versions of a bill to determine how it has changed over time.
  • Personal Notes — Makes it possible for you to add comments, analysis, contact notes, and other information to the bill data provided by StateScape.
  • Group Notes — Similar to Personal Notes but meant to be shared with others. Group Notes is fully customizable. Just let us know what you want, and we will build it!

LegisTrack for Lobbyists
This service -- powered by StateScape's BillFinder search engine -- gives lobbyists the ability to categorize, be alerted to, comment on, and create customizable reports specific to their client's individual needs, thus making the management of a handful -- or more than a handful -- of clients (and the hundreds, if not thousands, of bills they're interested in) a much more efficient process, a much more cost-effective process, and a much simpler process.