Legislative & Regulatory

BillFinder: Find Any Bill, Any Time
With StateScape’s powerful BillFinder search engine you can find any bill or resolution introduced at the state or federal level. And if you happen upon something you’re particularly interested in, you can flag it for ongoing monitoring.

Unlimited Searches — Absolutely Free!
BillFinder searches are absolutely free. Simply enter the keywords and phrases you’re interested in and hit “Search.” BillFinder will return all the bills containing the words you entered. Searching is even easier if you already know the bill number.

Jurisdictions covered include all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the United States Congress. As a StateScape subscriber you can also search for bills and resolutions considered in previous years.

BillFinder + LegisTrack = A Potent Combination
BillFinder and LegisTrack are a potent combination. With LegisTrack you get an easy-to-use legislative identification, monitoring, and reporting system tailored to your specific needs and interests. BillFinder augments this capability by providing access to any bill introduced anywhere in the country. So, if an issue crops up that you hadn’t anticipated, or if a colleague mentions a bill that’s outside your usual scope, you can look it up on BillFinder. BillFinder also gives the option of adding the bills you find to LegisTrack, where you can monitor them, sign up for e-mail alerts, and generate custom reports.