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MS HB 1047

Session: 2017 (1/3/2017 thru 3/29/2017 Adjourned)

Intro Date: 1/16/2017

Sponsor: State Representative Deborah Butler Dixon (D)

Hinds County Public Schools Dyslexia Therapy Instruction Pilot Program; establish for certain school districts. An act to establish the hinds county public school dyslexia therapy instruction pilot program; to provide that the program shall provide intra-district service to students at two public school pilot locations in select school districts in hinds county, mississippi; to provide that no more than 30 students may be placed in the pilot program in each district over the span of grades 1-3; to prohibit retaliatory action by school districts against teachers who inform parents of a student's observed characteristics evidencing dyslexia and related disorders; to fine schools that fail to provide notice and inform parents of the need for a comprehensive evaluation and the opportunity for assistance and other resources under the dyslexia therapy scholarship for students with dyslexia program; to create new section 37-173-16, mississippi code of 1972, to require school districts to provide additional dyslexia screenings and comprehensive evaluations for students at any time the student is enrolled in public school at any time deemed necessary based on recommendations of a teacher or upon the request of a parent or legal guardian upon observing a substantial deficiency in a student's ability to maintain adequate academic performance due to the student's experiencing dyslexia-like symptoms; to require school districts to perform a comprehensive evaluation of a student who fails the dyslexia screener; to provide that the costs associated with subsequent dyslexia screening and comprehensive evaluation shall be paid for by the school district of the student's enrollment and attendance; to amend section 37-173-15, mississippi code of 1972, in conformity to the preceding provisions; to bring forward sections 37-173-1, 37-173-3, 37-173-5, 37-173-7, 37-173-9, 37-173-11, 37-173-13, 37-173-17, 37-173-19, 37-173-21, 37-173-23, 37-173-25, 37-173-27 and 37-173-29, mississippi code of 1972, which are provisions of the dyslexia therapy scholarship for students with dyslexia program, for the purpose of possible amendments; and for related purposes.

** 01/31/2017 (H) Died In Committee ** 01/16/2017 (H) Referred To Education **